Welcome to Advanced Computer Packages III Class. In in this course i will take your through the following Advanced Packaged:

1. Unified Modeling Language 

2. Microsoft Project  

3. Microsoft Visio 

4. Mind Map 

Course Lecturer: Mr. Onwuegbuzie Innocent U.

Teacher: FELE, Taiwo

FELE, Taiwo

The field of Human-Computer Interaction investigates how (single)
users can best interact with computers. Particular emphasis is put on

  • software aspects (as opposed to the input and output devices and the physical workplace), and
  • specifically on the layout and operation of the interface ("User Interface Design", "Interface Engineering").

General Objectives: On completion of this course the student should be able to:
1.0 Know what interaction design is.
2.0 Understand the conceptualize interaction.
3.0 Understand Principles and application of user centered design
4.0 Understand designs for collaboration and communication.
5.0 Understand how interfaces affect users.
6.0 Understand the process of interaction process.
7.0 Know test and model users.